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Taylor Corley

Remember Mississippi State cheerleader Taylor Corley? She got into a bit of trouble with Ole Miss because they found out that she’d previously posed for Playboy under the pseudonym, Taylor Stone.

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Taylor Corley – The Most Darling Miss Of Ole Miss

I’m sure the fans are disappointed that Ms. Corley got fed up with MSU’s prudery and went off to make her fortune in reality TV.
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God’s Blessing

Angelina Valentine may well be the definitive proof that the God(s) love us and want us to be happy…even when we’re not drinking beer.

Angelina Valentine - God's BlessingDios Te Bendiga Bendicion

This awesome Kentucky-born, mixed Italian and Venezuelan, Latina hottie is definitely the blessing that the God(s) bless us with – with the help of plastic surgeons, tattoo artists, and piercing salons. But then, the God(s) do work in mysterious ways. 😉 Continue reading

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Dash It All!

Dash it all! Why do certain sorts of people have to let politics interfere with their appreciation of hotness?

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The Ever Hot And Indefatigable Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash does not support Obama for reelection; she prefers Mitt Romney. Her stating this has cause certain sorts of people to be outraged and to heap various racist and hateful comments upon her.

And this makes sense how? Hot is hot and Stacey Dash is certainly a fine, hot Black babe. Continue reading

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