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Oops! I Guess You Know Now

Outed at the partyOops! I Guess You Know Now

Yep! Alcohol lowers people’s inhibitions and affects their judgement. Sometimes that leads to people doing things that they normally might not want you to know about. Continue reading

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Everyone Likes Caprese

Oh what a tasty snackEveryone Likes Caprese

Everyone likes caprese, especially something resembling capreses bruchetta. It’s a great, light lunch. Not, I must say, quite as nice as this little amateur girl though. Yum! Continue reading

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Show Some Appreciation

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Show Them Some Appreciation

C’mon Guys – and you Girls who like babes as much as we guys – show these fine amateur babes some appreciation. It’s not like they got paid to have these pics taken of them in the glory of their hotness. Continue reading

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Amateur Hours

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Amateur Hours

Here at the World of Hotness it’s time for the Amateur Hours. Note, I said hours, not hour, because I can’t see where any man, or a fair number of women, wouldn’t want to spend more than hour enjoying and pleasuring each and every one of the fine, hot, amateur babes. Continue reading

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Black Friday 2015

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving Day in the United States. It ushers in the official start of the Christmas shopping season and is, these days, “celebrated” with an orgy of consumerism that normally exceeds $60 billion over the course of the long weekend.

Not being a great fan of such things, I’ve got a better idea for what to go shopping for this Black Friday…

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A Better Shopping List For Black Friday

Also, you might consider passing on the more commercial offerings and supporting your local suppliers instead.

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Even Better Go Local

Either way though, Black babes sound a lot better for this Friday than fighting in scrum of some retailer for the privilege of buying a bunch of stuff you really don’t need. Continue reading

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