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The Sunday Paper

Reading The Sunday Paper

I’ve always enjoyed reading the Sunday paper but now I think I’d rather just watch a woman do so instead, especially if she’s anything like beautiful, redheaded, Russian spinner, Julia Yaroshenko. Continue reading

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Sometimes It Is The Journey

journeySometimes It Is The Journey

Despite it being somewhat tired and trite, sometimes it is the journey, not the destination, that matters. A case in point being any trip with this fine, Russian, blonde. It really doesn’t matter at all where we’re going; the journey will be hot. Continue reading

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The Weather Sucks

Looking OutsideThe Weather Sucks

At least where I’m at, the weather sucks. It’s fairly cold and rainy, a dreary day indeed. Seems like a good time to go back to bed and then spend the day upon indoor recreation. Continue reading

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Trans-Siberian Railway?

On A Russian TrainOn Trans-Siberian Railway?

Is this on the Trans-Siberian Railway? Were I there, I’d certainly hope so. I’d like a nice long ride with this delightful Russian brunette. Continue reading

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For Body And Soul

A lot of people seem to think of the Russians as a grim, dour, and harshly stoic people who place little or no value on creature comforts and sensual pleasures. This is a falsehood, most likely propagated during the Cold War. In truth, the Russian culture greatly values pleasures and sensuality and nowhere is more highlighted than in the banya (ба́ня), that uniquely Russian iteration of the spa.

Russian Spa - For Body and SoulДля души и тела

Yes! The banya is, much like the bath houses of ancient Rome, a focal point for Russian culture and is considered necessary for body and soul (души и тела).

From what I’m seeing, the banya – and the Russian beauties therein – would be very good for my body and my soul. 😉 Continue reading

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