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Japanese Fine Fruit

The Perfect GiftJapanese Fine Fruit

Most people in the West don’t realize just how seriously the Japanese take fruit. Trust me in this, the perfect selection of the perfect fruit is very important in Japan. Hence, so is the perfect presentation of said fruit. 😉 Continue reading

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The Good Talk

ScribblesThe Good Talk

As all of guys know, your woman telling you that you need to talk is normally a signal that things have gone pear shaped and trouble is about to fall upon you like a ton or so of bricks. But we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Not all such talks are bad.

You might be lucky and receive the Good Talk, that being the one when your girl looks at you and says, “I want to be Milf. Give me a baby.” Continue reading

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She Ready For The Lab

Sex-edLab ReadyShe Ready For The Lab

Shana was always good in school and, now that she had the sex-ed class’ bookwork down pat, she was ready and eager to do her labs. Continue reading

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Serving The Crown

serve the crownServing The Crown Is A Pleasure And A Privilege

Yes, serving the crown is not just a duty to be discharged when it involves a tattooed hottie like Wren. Then, it’s a please and privilege to be savored. Continue reading

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Straight Up Like A Shot

Straight Up SexySexy – Straight Up Like A Shot

Romance is great, as is many sort of niche beauties. But sometimes you just want the sexy straight up like a shot of liquor. Continue reading

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