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There Is No Wrong Choice

no wrong choicePick One, Either One

Some men are a bit shy about taking what they want during sex. This can result in babes like Mia Malkova having to contort themselves to make the point that there is no wrong choice, just pick one. Continue reading

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That Detachable Showerhead

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That Detachable Showerhead – Women’s Favorite Invention

I don’t know who first invented the detachable showerhead, nor do I know exactly when it was invented and introduced into the market. What I do know, however, is that it is women’s absolute favorite invention for the home. 😉 Continue reading

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Some Like The Snow

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Some Babes Like The Snow
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Some babes like winter and being out in the snow, something that all us who either also love it or are forced by circumstances to endure it should love and appreciate. Continue reading

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Somewhere Warm

Tropical Blackish BabeMeanwhile, Somewhere Warm

Sadly, I don’t know exactly where that somewhere is. It could be the Caribbean or it could be any number of places in Central or South America. Continue reading

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The Most Provocative Fruit

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Bananas, The Most Provocative Fruit

Without any doubt, bananas are the single most provocative fruit in the world. Simply take a babe, add a banana, and you’ve got hotness. Continue reading

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