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A Fine Start To The Day

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A Fine Start To The Day

One of the singularly best things any man – and not too few women – can hope for is to have a fine start to the day. Continue reading

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Mandi’s Good With Kids

Mandi CollinsMandi’s Good With Kids

It certainly appears that Mandy Collins is good with kids and it most certainly looks like she’d have no problems feeding her babies. This raises the question – why hasn’t Mandy been added to the wonderful ranks of the Milfs yet? Continue reading

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Monday Morning Milfs 35

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Monday Morning Milfs

It’s yet another Monday morning, so here’s some more fine, hot, Milfs to ease you into the day and the work-week. Continue reading

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Country Loving

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Country Loving

These days I live in the city, and I mean The city – New York City – but that doesn’t mean that I don’t like, miss, and occasionally crave some good old country loving. 😉 Continue reading

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Isten, Áldd Meg A Magyart!

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Isten, Áldd Meg A Magyart!
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Yes, Isten, áldd meg a magyart! (God bless the Hungarians) or, at least, áldja a magyar nők (bless Hungarian women) for their soft, curvy forms, delightful breasts, and smiling, friendly demeanors are already an undeserved blessing upon the World of Hotness. Continue reading

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