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Retro Roller Disco


Retro Roller Disco
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Shanice Jordyn has been kind enough to give us reprise and glimpse of the past, more specifically the 1970s and the roller disco. Continue reading

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Indoor And Outdoor

indoor-pussy Indoor Pussy
outdoor-pussy Outdoor Pussy
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There’s a lot of debate over how one should keep one’s pussy. Some say that indoors is the only good and safe way to do so, while others say that outdoors provides your pussy more freedom and happiness. Continue reading

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Warm Sun + Cold Water

It's still a bit nipply...thank all the godsWarm Sun + Cold Water

German beauty, Eva-Maria Kromer is living, lustable proof that contrast is awesome. The combination of this blonde goddess, warm sun, and cold water is amazing. Continue reading

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Relaxing In the Backyard

Relaxing In the Backyard

If getting out and about, be it some urban adventuring or a simple promenade, just isn’t in the cards for you, at least get in some time relaxing in the backyard. Continue reading

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Hot As Dragons’ Fire


Carlotta’s Hot As Dragons’ Fire
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Carlotta Champagne is hot as dragons’ fire as Game Of Throne’s Daenerys Targaryen. With Carlotta’s voluptuous curves I’d say that with fire and blood she will take what is hers, but most men, and not a few women, would just willingly – eagerly even – give it up her without a struggle. Continue reading

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