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Lotus Eating

Her lotus nipple tattoos and nipple piercing could make a man rethink lotus eatingRethinking Lotus Eating

Since the time of Homer, approximately 850 BC, the terms lotus-eater and lotus-eating have been a derogatory reference to laziness, blindly seeking luxury and pleasure, and indolent forgetfulness.

I think that this ever-so-cute and hot, amateur brunette, with her bright smile and lotus flower nipple tattoos and double nipple piercing is certainly reason enough for me to rethink my views on lotus eating. Continue reading

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Christmas Shopping

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Christmas Shopping – The Best Gifts

This Christmas shopping season consider that one of the best and hottest gift you could buy your woman is a nice, new set breast implants. Sure, there may be some confusion over whether those bolt-ons are for her or you, but the most romantic gifts are those that can be shared. 😉 Continue reading

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Look Not To The Stars

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Look Not To The Stars
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Look not to the stars, gentlemen, in your quest for beauty and wonder. The daughters of Earth can provide for all your desires. Continue reading

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Black Friday 2

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A Better Black Friday

In America it’s the day after Thanksgiving which means it’s Black Friday, the nation’s biggest and crazy shopping day of the year. Personally, I can think – and I firmly endorse – a different and hotter definition of this term. Continue reading

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In Thanksgiving Spirit

Traci BinghamIn Thanksgiving Spirit

In America where I’m from and currently live, it’s time for Thanksgiving. As such, I can think of no woman better to showcase than Traci Bingham. She’s half Black and part Wampanoag and Italian.

Ms. Bingham is really the perfect babe for Thanksgiving. Not only is she a quite attractive representative of the melting pot that is America, but the Wampanoag tribe were the Native Americans in the first Thanksgiving. Continue reading

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