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Seifuku On’nanoko-Tachi

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Seifuku On’nanoko-Tachi

Seifuku on’nanoko-tachi or, in English, schoolgirls or school uniform girls, if one prefers the transliteration of the Rōmaji, are a prevalent fetish in Japan. They’ve been such for several decades.

It’s not exactly my kink, as it were, but I can certainly see where the World of Hotness benefits from this expression of feminine beauty…and it’s not like the West doesn’t love schoolgirls as well. We just seem to prefer them a bit more overtly “naughty.” Continue reading

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Pan-Asian Cuisine

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Pan-Asian Cuisine – A Fusion of Heat and Spice

It really doesn’t matter if it’s East Asian, South Asian, Central Asian, or Southeast Asian cuisine, nor does it matter if it’s a discrete exemplar of one regional culture or a blending of two or more; Pan-Asian cuisine, as can be seen above, is tasty and delightful.

And, even better, it’s very much OK to be hungry for more an hour later. 😆 Continue reading

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Courtnie: Brains & Beauty

Courtnie QuinlanCourtnie Quinlan Has It All

This cute and sexy half English, half St Lucian babe has it all. She’s drop-dead gorgeous and smart as Hell as well. She achieved 10 GCSE’s all at A-B grades; has A Levels in Biology and Chemistry, and AS levels in Maths and Art; was offered a place at her first choice university to study for a Bsc(Hons) degree in Veterinary nursing specializing in horses, but chose to study podiatry instead. Continue reading

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Feed The World

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Feed The World!

There’s a lot of hungry people in the world. I say we should feed them sustainably and these fine, busty ladies look like a good sample set of just how to do that. 😉 Continue reading

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Saying Farewell To Winter

Winter and its snowy wonderland are drawing to a close. Soon the snows will melt and not return for another year. Even now in America’ Northeast we’re watching the snow beginning clear off.

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Saying A Fond Farewell To Winter

So the World Of Hotness bids a fond farewell to winter, snow, and the most delightful and delicious snow bunnies that make the season so fine. Continue reading

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