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Black Friday

In America it’s the day after Thanksgiving which means it’s Black Friday, the nation’s biggest and crazy shopping day of the year.

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Girls From The Hood

For myself, I’m skipping going into “the city” to take part in the yearly retail frenzy. I’m going stick close to home and see what I can pick up instead. 😉 Continue reading

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Soup’s On!

Harvest SoupSoup’s On!

It’s harvest time and what better food to serve than soup, especially an exotic soup of fresh fruits, vegetables, and Luciana? Continue reading

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Elder Hotness

Cthulhu GirlCthulhu, Goka Y’fm’latgh Lw’nafh. Y’hah!
[Cthulhu, Grant My Burning Dream, Amen!]

Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving

Met Art's MichelleHappy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all. Let’s each be grateful for the bounty of the harvest and enjoy the delightful fruits thereof. Continue reading

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Holiday In Goa

Goa, with it’s year-round warm climate and beautiful beaches is a great place for a holiday. Better yet is the “scenery.”

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Have A Holiday In Goa

Most importantly, however, is that a “holiday in Goa” is modern Indian slang for When an Indian woman, who is arranged for marriage, decides to forget or put aside the fact that she’s engaged and have a fling with one or more lovers.

Gentlemen, I can think of few things better and more generous than being that holiday. 😉 Continue reading

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