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OK But Just A Sip

The daughters of the night get thirsty on Halloween and that’s all to the good. I’d be the last one to fail to give a vampire babe like her a wee dram of vitae.

VampiressTrick Or Treat!

That being said, it’d best be kept to a wee dram. I hate feeling drained the next morning. 😛 Continue reading

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Happy Halloween 2013

Pumpkin BabeHappy Halloween Everyone!

And please use this lovely lady as an example of why minimalism is a good foundation for your costume. Continue reading

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Toil And Trouble

Witchy AssDouble, Double Toil and Trouble

Double, double toil and trouble;
Fire burn, and caldron bubble.
Her witchy ass is worth double!

I love Halloween! It’s one of the few secularized holidays that I can really get behind. 😉 Continue reading

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Blut und Wärme

Blut und WärmeBlut und Wärme

Yeah, I know; the Nazis were bad. Let’s not throw the babe out with the bath water though as there’s something to be said for Aryan beauty. 😉

Face it, if Godwin saw her he’d be fapping… Continue reading

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Charmaine’s Hybrid Vigor

CharmaineThe UK’s Charmaine – Her Whole Is More Than The Sum Of Her Parts

And here Britain’s lovely Charmaine shows us that hybrid vigor is a beautiful thing indeed. There are instances when the melting pot provides us with a truly hot dish. Continue reading

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