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In Honor Of DragonCon

In honor of this year’s DragonCon I give 54 beautiful cosplay mavens. Continue reading

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Things Are Looking Up

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Things Are Looking Up

Some days are better than others and this is one of those days. In commemoration of this event here’s 12 examples of why, when things are looking up, we should all pause and give thanks for that blessing. Continue reading

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Lisa Rinna – Celebrity MILF

Lisa RinnaLisa Rinna – Celebrity MILF

Lisa Rinna, long-time actress, television host, and mother of two was 45 years old when this picture was taken. She’s definitely a case of celebrity MILFs for the win! Continue reading

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Darwin’s Blessing

Kylie Johnson is part Black, part German, and Part Russian. She also proves that Darwin was more right than wrong about the evolution of species and the survival and propagation of the hottest genes.

Kylie Johnson - A triumph of interracial evolutionKylie Johnson – Darwin’s Blessing Upon Us All

We should all hope that Kylie joins the MILF category soon and repeatedly…for the sake of the species of course. 😉 Continue reading

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Dreadfully Hot Babes

Perhaps I’ve a touch of the urban primitive in my soul; or, perhaps, it’s just that I’ve traveled to so many places with different cultures that dreadlocks aren’t off-putting to me.

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12 Dreadfully Hot Babes

I can say without reservation that these 12 babes – 4 Black, 1 mixed-raced, and 7 White – are all sexily rocking their dreads. Continue reading

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