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God’s Blessing

Angelina Valentine may well be the definitive proof that the God(s) love us and want us to be happy…even when we’re not drinking beer.

Angelina Valentine - God's BlessingDios Te Bendiga Bendicion

This awesome Kentucky-born, mixed Italian and Venezuelan, Latina hottie is definitely the blessing that the God(s) bless us with – with the help of plastic surgeons, tattoo artists, and piercing salons. But then, the God(s) do work in mysterious ways. 😉 Continue reading

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As It’s Thursday

As it’s Thursday and Thursday is just a corruption of the older phrase, Thor’s Day, here’s a fine Viking cosplay babe for our enjoyment.

Viking Cosplay Babe
Have A Hot Þūnresdæg –> Thuresday –> Thursday

Thursday is actually a derivative of the Old English word, Þūnresdæg – Thor’s Day. It progressed from the Old English Þūnresdæg to the Middle English Thuresday and then on to the modern Thursday.

Contrariwise, blonds in low-cut, tight-laced leather were always considered hot and that hasn’t changed on bit over the intervening centuries. 😀 Continue reading

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Are you ready for some futbol?
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Are You Ready For Some Futbol?

No, not American football; Footie, futbol – what is called soccer in America. I’ll admit that it’s hasn’t been my favorite sport, but my opinion is rapidly changing. Continue reading

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Young And Tender

Normally I prefer women with a little experience in life but the young ones can sometimes be nice as well.
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Young And Tender Can Be Nice

There’s certainly something to be said for “young and tender” in these days when worldliness and experience come earlier.
Continue reading

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Ginger On Ginger

Hey! Even lesbian and bisexual babes need to spice things up now then…

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Ginger On Ginger – Sapphism With Spice

And how we heat things up with some added spice? With ginger, of course! And what’s better than one helping of ginger? Why two, of course! 😆 Continue reading

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