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We’re Vastly Irrelevant

Men with confidence and forethought tend to prefer women who are self-confident, self-reliant and flexible. They understand that such women are better and more enjoyable partners in bed and in life.

Gentlemen, We’re Vastly Irrelevant

Unfortunately, some women take this to such extremes as to render men utterly unneeded. 😛 Continue reading

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Fashion By Straight Men

Have you ever wondered what dresses would be like if straight men could actually get jobs as fashion designers?

If straight men could get jobs as fashion designers...Fashion By Straight Men

Russian beauty, Yulia Pilushka-Androschuk shows us just what fashion by straight men might be like. Personally, I think it’s high time we changed the demographics of the fashion design industry. 😀 Continue reading

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Sailing Away

In the northern hemisphere winter is fast approaching and the weather is decidedly pleasant. It certainly makes one want to just pack it in and sail away to sunnier and happier climes.

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Sailing Away Looks So Good!

And a well-stocked and well-crewed sailing vessel is the best way to go. It might not be as fast or as easy to captain as a motor yatch, but a sail boat has a beauty that can’t be matched. Continue reading

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Disney Didn’t Know

Disney has bought Lucasfilms, the producers of the Star Wars franchise. Disney didn’t know, however, what they were getting into.

Fangirl HawtnessStar Wars Fangirl Hawtness

I just really don’t think that Disney understood the effect that Star Wars has always had on the geek grrls out there. Continue reading

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Harvest Of Hotness

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Harvest Of Hotness
(Click to Enlarge)

It’s harvest time and lovely Marina is selling her pumpkins. I’d say that she’s offering the hottest crop of the season too. Continue reading

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