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Gentlemen, Buy A Boat!

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Gentlemen, Buy A Boat!

Gentlemen – and you ladies who love ladies – what can I tell you? Buy a boat. No matter the expense or the headaches involving maintenance, upkeep, and storage, it’s obviously a purchase that pays for itself in hotness. Continue reading

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The LUGs Are Back

Around the world schools are back in session and college campuses have once more filled with delectable coeds. This, in turn, means that the the LUGs are back in all their sapphic beauty and hotness.

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Lesbians Until Graduation – Gotta Love ‘Em

Hey! College is the time to experiment, after all, and nobody except a few really hardcase dykes has a problem with either LUGs or their close cousins, the barsexuals. They’re part of the joy of campus life. Continue reading

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She’s Well Equipped

Sonia Blake was born in Virginia but moved to Germany in 2001. While there she has certainly picked up the Teutonic work ethic.

A very well equipped blonde workerShe’s Very Well Equipped

Sonia certainly has learned to come well equipped to work and she looks more than willing and able to fulfill any of her boss’ needs. Continue reading

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Sometimes It’s All About Ass

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Sometimes It’s All About Ass

There’s just so many luscious things to love about women’s bodies. But whether you normally most love faces, eyes, lips, legs, breasts, or general curves, sometimes it’s all about ass and nothing else. And these fine, phat-assed babes are the sort that I could most gladly and eagerly get behind. 😛 Continue reading

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Chocolate Or Caramel?

Black girls come in so many shades or flavors. It’s really amazing. Which flavor one prefers really comes down to matter of taste and, hence, cannot be truly argued.

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Fine Dark Chocolate

There’s Black babes that are dark and rich like a fine chocolate.

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Sweet Creme Caramel

And there’s lighter, caramel skinned Black babes that look so sweet.

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Amazingly, though such the are purely matters of taste, the question of chocolate vs. caramel has been one that has caused a lot pain and suffering throughout modern Western history. Continue reading

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