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Indian Takeaway

This Desi babe may be in an ice cream or frozen yogurt shop of some sort, but she makes me want some fine, got Indian takeaway a lot more than any frozen concoction.

Mallika SherawatMallika Sherawat Is Looking Hot and Sweet

Just looking at Mallika Sherawat, who is a Jat, makes me wonder just how the Hindus could have ever though they were “untouchable.” She seems quite deliciously touchable – and tastable – to me. Continue reading

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I’m Going To Hell

This sexy "Nun" is why, if the Christians are right, I'm so going to burn in HellIf The Christians Are Right, I’m Going To Burn 😛

Call it Christian Gothic. Call it Religious Sexuality Fantasy. Call it Blasphemy. I really don’t care. This sexy, tattooed babe almost wearing a nun’s habit is freaking hot and a worthy addition to the World of Hotness. Continue reading

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Mmm….Phys Ed Major

The schoolgirl look is a longstanding fantasy and one of the few that spans most nations and cultures across the globe. There’s just something incredibly hot about a cute babe with braids or a ponytail in knee socks and a little, pleated, plaid miniskirt.

Phys Ed Major - Girls Athletics are hotErica Cordie Is A Student Of Fitness

Fitness model and female bodybuilder, Erica Cordie puts a whole new and massively hot spin on this fantasy by – in my opinion, perfectly – combining the cuteness of the schoolgirl with the powerful hotness of a truly muscular woman. Continue reading

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Black Girls

I don’t know that it could be honestly said that I have thing for Black girls anymore than I have a thing for White, Asian, or Latina girls. There are, after all so many wonderful, winding roads to hotness.

What I do have is a thing for is mixing it all together. Contrast is such a wonderful thing to behold, as Hungarian model, Claudia Karup aka Cindy Hope and her friend Jasmine show us to good and very hot saphhic effect.

Cindy and Hope - Interracial LesbiansClaudia Karup’s Got A Thing For Black Girls

And the indie band, Chester French is quite open about having a thing for Black girls and for mixing their chocolate and vanilla together in the most pleasing fashion. Continue reading

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Window With A View

Pretty much no matter where you travel people expound upon the views from the windows of where you might be staying.

[nggallery id=44]
There’s Little Point In A Window Without A View

The only thing is that, no matter what is outside the window, it’s the view of the inside that really matters as these 12 babes from around the World of Hotness show to perfection. Continue reading

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