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Daughter Of The Silk Road

The Silk Road was 4000 mile long network of interlinking trade routes which connected East, South, and Western Asia with the Mediterranean and European world, as well as parts of North and East Africa. These land routes were supplemented by sea routes, which extended from the Red Sea to coastal India, China and Southeast Asia.

Silk, spices, foods, technologies, and peoples moved back and forth along the routes, bringing a great deal of variety to the different cultures along the way.

Silk Road

The Silk Road also provided the World of Hotness with exotic beauties such as the stunningly beauty woman depicted above. She can only be described as a daughter of the silk road since she combines the best features of so many cultures along it. Continue reading

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Any way you look at them, these babes are stackedAny Way You Look At Them, These Babes Are Stacked

Mmmm…Two curvy, busty brunettes sandwiching and equally curvaceous blonde – that’s my sort of sandwich cookies. Continue reading

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Stairway To Heaven

Stairway to Heaven is so much more than just a classic rock song. It’s also an integral piece of the World of Hotness and I think these fine babes explain why this is true. Climbing The Stairway To Heaven Never … Continue reading

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Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football enjoys a continued popularity, but here at World of Hotness we’d like to profer an alternative to the idea. 😉

In The HuddleThe Best Known Reason For The Ball Cam

Now that’s both fantasy football and a football fantasy. It’s certainly a lot more fun and more beautiful than the current version of the game, either fantasy or real.
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The Carhop Redux

A carhop is a waitress who brings food to people in their cars at drive-in restaurants. Though originally most on foot, it became iconic and de rigueur for them to be on rollerskates.

The first car hops appeared in 1921 and they graced American fast food dining and pop-culture for decades, until fading away some time in the 1980s, ending a beautiful age.

Carhop Cuties - Yes, I'd Like Fries With ThatCarhops – Drive-In Hotness

Fortunately, what was old is new again and we can update the drive-in restaurant and the carhop while still keeping the nostalgia alive.
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