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When The Sultan’s Away

The Sultans of old kept large harems or seraglios of wives and concubines. Sometimes these kings kept literally thousands of beautiful women from all over the world sequestered in their pleasure palaces. The historical record being held by the 6th century BC’s King Tamba of Banaras, whose harem numbered some 16,000 women.

Of course these rulers had many demands upon their time and couldn’t spend as much time as they, and many of the women, would like in their seraglios. Knowing this, men were not allowed in the harems, only women and eunuchs.

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Surrounded By Eunuchs, The Harem Amuses Themselves
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Fortunately women tend to be adaptable and I’m sure the harems’ zenanas were often filled with the delicate moans of these frustrated babes pleasuring each other in total sapphic abandon. Continue reading

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A Little Extra Support

Morgan Leigh with her tits tied upMorgan Leigh Needed A Little Extra Support

Man-made or not, when she’s sporting a 30J (DDDDDDD) pair of tits, sometimes a British babe like Morgan Leigh just needs to have her breasts tied off to give them a little extra support. A little underwire just isn’t up to the challenge. Continue reading

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On The Rocks

Normally when we say that someone is “on the rocks” we mean it in bad way. We mean that they’re desperate and that their life is going badly. This isn’t always fair.

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Beautiful Women On The Rocks

Here’s nine beautiful and sexy women that show us that being on the rocks can be wonderful and completely desirable. Continue reading

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As I’ve noted before, there are some wonderfully delightful treehuggers out there in the World of Hotness. Even better, they show a diversity equal to that of the forests they love. Treehuggers! While there are a plethora of very valid … Continue reading

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Sporty + Nerdy = Hot!

She's 50% Sporty, 50% Nerdy, and 100% pure hotnessShe’s Sporty, Nerdy, and Totally Hot

OMG – This babe is rocking The World Of Hotness in so many different ways at once that she’s sure to overload our servers. 😆 The frisson created by this Sporty Girl / Geek Girl crossover is amazing, and that top she’s so delightfully almost wearing just makes it better. Continue reading

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