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Nice Knockers

Nice KnockersNice Knockers, Very Nice

Those are some really nice knockers which would gain her entrance almost anywhere. I’d certainly let her come in – and hope she’d return the courtesy. 😆 Continue reading

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Apple Introduces The iHot

Apple’s always been good at bringing new products to market. They seem to have found the formula for what people want to buy. There latest offering is no exception…

Apple's iHotApple’s iHot

I’m fairly sure that every guy is going to want one of these! Mmmmm…Just think of the playlist possibilities. 😀 Continue reading

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Poland’s Not Joking Around

When I grew up there were a lot of Polish jokes, most of the rather cruel. Fortunately but unaccountably, these semi-comic ethnic slurs against the Pols have faded away.

Poland is still, however, unrepresented when people think about hotness. That’s another thing that we have to work to overcome.

She’s Happy That Poland’s Not Joking Around

Yes! Poland has a plethora of extremely hot and sexy women and they come in a delightful
variety of shapes, sizes, and coloration. The hot Polish amateur blond pictured above is just one example, though a nice one indeed. Continue reading

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Pic Before Bed

Pic Before BedShe’s Going To Bed Now

This lovely brunette just wanted to send a pic of herself before she went to bed. Isn’t it a wonderful world to be filled with such beauty and such kindness and generosity? Continue reading

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Coming Upstairs?

Are You Coming Upstairs? When a sexy, naked, blonde hottie is climbing the stairs and asks you that question, the only possible answer is something akin to, “I certainly hope so!”

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