Back To School Special

In America, the school year is about to commence in those areas where it hasn’t already. Hence, the World of Hotness is enjoying a back to school special…

School Girls

Sexy schoolgirls – you’ve just got to love them. They’re the single best thing about bringing back school uniforms.


And teachers! Who wasn’t at some point hot for their teacher and doesn’t now fantasize about a parent teacher conference?

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Fly-less Fishing

Fly-less FishingFly-less Fishing

For many of us fly fishing is an enjoyable hobby. Somehow though, I think that fly-less fishing would be even better, especially with a fine redhead and her wonderful ass sharing the stream with us.

Might just have to slip my trout into her creel. :lol:

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The New She-Hulk?

She-Hulk?The New She-Hulk?

Given Marvel Comics’ recent tendency to mix up the races and genders of long-existing characters – not that this is a bad things, since they’ve done it well to-date – it wouldn’t surprise me if this fine Black – or is it green? – babe is the concept for a new She-Hulk. ;-)

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Been Fishing

Going FishingSorry For The Delay. Been Fishing

I know it been a while since the last post. Sorry, I’ve been busy. And yes, some of that was actually fishing.

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Puss In Boots

Puss In Boots – An Adult Fairy Tale

The original, 16th century fairy tale, “Puss in Boots” may have celebrated using trickery and deceit to gain power and wealth but these fine, booted kitties seem very upfront and honest about their assets. :-P

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