Monday Morning Milfs 48

Monday Morning Milfs

It’s yet another Monday morning and it’s a cold one to boot. Sounds like a good day to stay home and stay warm with one or more Milfs.

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Learning Self-Love

Learning Self-Love

Yes, I do believe that the ladies need to learn and diligently practice self-loving, preferably starting as young as possible. After all, the more a woman learns to love herself the easier it is for others to love her.

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Come Back To Bed

Come Back To Bed
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Yeah, it’s Saturday so there’s no good reason to not go back to bed and, if you’ve a babe like her asking you to, a lot of good reasons to do so.

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The Obedient Wife

Obedient WifeThe Obedient Wife

Yes, it’s largely true. Every married man wants at some point to have an obedient wife. The thing we need to hold firmly in our minds is that the most we can reasonably hope for is a wife who’s obedient sometimes in certain specific contexts. 😉

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She’s Devilish Little Minx

Oh this little blonde is just too much! She such as devilish, little minx and sassy too, and for my own idiosyncrasies that key.

Devilish Little MynxShe’s Devilish Little Minx

Yeah, the little, lightweight, spinners aren’t my general preference but I love nipple pierces – really, almost any body piercing – and tats, especially lower belly tats are a turn-on for me. The thing is that all that is a distant second to how she presents herself.

Hehehe…If I believed in sin, she just the devilish, little minx to lead me into it. 😉

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