Treating Coulrophobia

Treating CoulrophobiaTreating Coulrophobia Through Exposure Therapy

Coulrophobia – that’d be the real but not formally recognized as a diagnosis fear of clowns – is easily treated through the use of exposure therapy. One just has to be exposed to clowns in a context that strips away or replaces the anxiety.

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Monday Morning Milfs 73

Monday Morning Milfs

Another Summer Monday that cries out in need for Milfs so that it can start off lustily. It’s a good way to start the day and week.

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The Sunday Paper

Reading The Sunday Paper

I’ve always enjoyed reading the Sunday paper but now I think I’d rather just watch a woman do so instead, especially if she’s anything like beautiful, redheaded, Russian spinner, Julia Yaroshenko.

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Chasing Butterflies

Cuelen CastroChasing Butterflies Would Be Fun

It’s summertime so chasing butterflies would be a fun thing to do, especially when those butterflies are tattooed on Suelen Castro, a delightfully beautiful Brazilian babe.

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¡Frutillas con Crema!

paola-rios-strawberry-tits ¡Hola Cariño! Tener Algunas Frutillas Cony Crema
(Click to Enlarge)

Mmmmmm, strawberries and cream – a popular Summer dessert in Paraguay, made even more delicious by the way Paola Rios has served it up.

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