A Second Helping

A Second Helping From The Buffet

The thing about an Indian buffet is that you can rarely stop at just one serving. You almost always have to go back for a second helping in order to fully sample and appreciate all the wonderful, delightfully spiced options on offer.

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Gingham Style

gingham styleGingham Style!

Gangnam Style is, at this point, a bit tired and passe. The same cannot be said against Gingham Style, especially when it’s Rosie Jones pulling off her gingham halter.

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An Indian Buffet

Gotta Love An Indian Buffet

You’ve really just have to love an Indian buffet. There’s so many exotic choices with such a varied palette of spices and nuances of heat and flavor. ;-)

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Checking The Weather

Checking The WeatherShe’s Just Checking The Weather

This rainbow haired, geek grrl with her delightful tattoos knows that it’s technically Spring, but she’s skeptical enough to want to check the weather.

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A Slice Of Hotness

A hot redhead with PIZZA!Jessica Lorin’s Slice of Hotness

Yeah, I’m a New Yorker; I’m used to easily getting and love a bit pizza by the slice. If it’s a hot redhead like Jessica Lorin’s, however, I want her whole pie. :-D

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