Concentrated Pleasure

Concentrated Pleasure

Soft, sizable, and lush are quite nice but let’s never forget that size isn’t everything and some delectable spinners pack a lot of sexiness until their tiny packages. Really, they’re concentrated pleasure.

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Chocolate Bombe

Fine Tatted Ass
Chocolate Bombe

In cooking and dining a “bombe” is a rich, domed confection and I cannot think of few better after dinner treats than her fine chocolate bombe.

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Hang Around

Hang Around For A While

There are times when you just want to look at a fine, busty woman and say, “Don’t be in such a hurry. Hang around for a while.” ;-)

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…With Forked Tongue

Sexy Forked-Tongue Suicide Girl…With Forked Tongue

Let’s face facts; speaking is near the bottom of this of things most guys – and I’d wager a surprising number of ladies – would want this tattooed and pierced vixen to do with her forked tongue. ;-)

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Observing MLK Day

Observing MLK Day

Today, in America, it’s Martin Luther King Jr. Day. In observance of this holiday celebrating the effort of the late civil rights leader, here’s 12 fine, Black babes to enjoy.

Hotness is definitely their well-earned right and enjoying them is our privilege. ;-)

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