The Elegance Of Strength

So strong, so feminine, so elegantThe Elegance Of Strength

Russian photographer Vladimir Arkhipov has blended strength, the feminine, and elegance in this delightful composition.

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Smoking Hot Babes

Smoking Hot Babes

Some people claim that smoking is a dirty habit. OK. For myself though, these smoking hot babes’ dirty habit is no detractor from their beauty or eroticism – quite the opposite in point of fact.

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Sunday Brunch


Sunday Brunch Is Fine
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One of the finest and most pleasurable meals of the week is Sunday brunch. This is especially true when it includes a lovely and luscious brunette Milf on the menu.

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Gaming Can Wait!

Ass Up Gamer GirlGaming Can Wait!

Yeah, gaming is fun and more than a little addictive. It can, however, wait – especially when a gorgeous, phat-assed Black(ish) babe like Ayane wants your attention. There’s a lot better and hotter thing to grind or raid than whatever game in on offer. ;-)

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Dawn Is In The East

Dawn Is In The East

The dawn is in the East and a new day is starting in beauty. Beware though, gentlemen; if you’re dawn is Eastern enough to include a lovely Asian babe, you may find it is easy to get to get up but equally hard to get out of bed. ;-)

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