There’s A Wildfire

WildfireThere’s A Wildfire Out There

Be aware, Summertime is a time of increased chances of wildfires, especially when and where redheads may be gathered. 😉

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Monday Morning Milfs 123

Monday Morning Milfs

Another Monday morning filled with the beauty of Milfs. Sounds like it might be a good day to call in sick from work…

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At The “Risk” Of Ephebophilia

At The “Risk” Of Ephebophilia

At the “risk” of Ephebophilia or, more arcanely decribed, Chronoastiphilia, here’s a selection of beautiful, young looking babes sporting pigtails and/or braids.

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Adam Didn’t Stand A Chance

Adman Didn't Have A ChanceAdam Didn’t Stand A Chance

Have you considered that Adam didn’t stand a chance? There was probably no reasonable expectation that he would have ever said no to anything that Eve wanted.

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She Had A Hard Day

Anri Had A Hard Day And Needs Some Tender Loving CareShe Had A Hard Day

As we all know, after a hard day, especially a hard day at work, some times you need some stress relief. But turn about is fair play, especially in these times with far more women working high stress jobs, so be ready to return the favor when she’s had a hard day. 😉

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