COS It’s Near Halloween

COS It’s Near Halloween

Because it’s near to Halloween this seems a great time to inspire you all with some of the hotter costumes – cosplay outfits in this case – available.

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When It’s Time To Get Up

Time To Get UpWhen It’s Time To Get Up That Doesn’t Mean It’s Time To Get Out Of Bed

Please do remember that when it’s time to get up that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time to get out of bed.

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Monday Morning Milfs 88

Monday Morning Milfs

It’s a lovely October morning even if it is a Monday. But what better way to improve such an Autumnal dawn that with some Milfs?

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A Lovely American Blonde

A Lovely American BlondeA Lovely American Blonde

Not exotic to me but maybe so to many of my readers across the globe – a very sultry and lovely, American blonde babe with porcelain skin glowing in the light.

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Chairs Are Overrated

Chairs Are Overrated

You’ve just got to love women who, when they want to take a seat, think that chairs are vastly overrated.

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