They All Do It

They All Do It

That’s right! They all do it. All women masturbate. Despite cultural beliefs and prejudices, women masturbate as frequently as men, so much so that the sex-toy market is $15 billion global industry that is expected to reach $52 billion by 2020.

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Carla’s Cross-Cultural Heat

Carla White's Nipple Jewelry - extreme cross-cultural heatCarla’s Cross-Cultural Heat

The delightfully busty and beautifully alluring Carla White aka Dakini aka Devi aka Sabine is showing off some wonderful cross-cultural heat. All of her jewelry is styled straight out of India but nipple piercings are a brand new and, as yet, not popular Western import.

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Monday Morning Milfs 69

Monday Morning Milfs

Ah yes, it’s once again, for good or ill, Monday morning. Hence, here’s nine more Milfs to help wake you up and start your day and week.

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Monday Morning Milfs 68

Monday Morning Milfs

It being an unseasonably cold Monday, my suggestion is to warm up with and in A Milf … or Milfs if you have more than one available.

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She’ll Bewitch You

Lovr spells are her specialtyShe’ll Bewitch You

This crafty brunette will cast a spell of love and lust upon you. Don’t worry about- or be distracted by her powders and potions though. She’s unlikely to need them to bewitch you.

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